Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man

November 2016

Season 4 Episode 6 - Gamers

Expired 3.0 17 x
Gamers - Morgan joins the ranks of professional video gamers, one of the fastest-growing sectors of the "sports" world. Morgan will enter a video game competition and along the way, get a true sense of this shockingly intense industry - complete wit...

Season 4 Episode 5 - Gambling

Expired 3.0 10 x
Gambling - Morgan hits Vegas and does a deep dive into the high stakes world of ‘professional’ gambling. Determined to double his money over the course of one very colourful week, Morgan learns every trick of the trade in how to beat the house and c...

Season 4 Episode 4 - Csi: Spurlock

Expired 4.0 3 x
CSI: Spurlock - We’re all familiar with the sexy, stylish way in which crime scenes are investigated and murders are solved in the world of TV. But is that how things really happen? Morgan embeds into a real forensic science unit to understand first...

Season 4 Episode 3 - Distruptors

Expired 3.0 8 x
Disruptors - Uber. AirBnB. Spotify. These guys aren't just interested in starting up a new business, they are out to reinvent entire business models. To find out what it takes to become the next big thing, Morgan Spurlock descends on Silicon Valley...
October 2016

S4 Ep2 - Toxins

Expired 4.0 10 x
Toxins - We're told toxins are everywhere: in the food we eat, in products we use to clean, even the furniture we sit on. But is the world we live in really poisoning us, or is the mass hysteria just a load of BS? Morgan Spurlock puts his own body a...

S4 Ep1 - Space Exploration

Expired 3.0 11 x
Space Exploration - Morgan Spurlock, the Academy Award-nominated director of 'Super Size Me,' tells compelling stories from an insider's perspective on a diverse range of topics - from America's trash epidemic to living on Bitcoin. For generations, ...