Motive catch up


Season 4 Episode 13

3.0 117 x
Three years after a killer gets away, the team reunites to close the case.

Season 4 Episode 12

4.0 57 x
A judge, who was once Angie's professor, is murdered by her clerk.

Season 4 Episode 11

4.0 49 x
Liz Kerr grew up in foster care, living as a free spirit and is dating several men. Who would have a motive for murder?

Season 4 Episode 10

3.0 40 x
A woman is found nail-gunned to death. Angie embraces her relationship with Jack. Vega's frustrations force him to look for other options.

Season 4 Episode 9

3.0 50 x
A video game designer is murdered and the only evidence is a pool of blood and several motion capture recordings.

Season 4 Episode 8

3.0 35 x
Interpol agent Jack Stoker is brought into the investigation of the murder of a British college student.

Season 4 Episode 7

3.0 46 x
A woman armed with a bomb threatens the department while asking for her son to be released from prison.

Season 4 Episode 6

3.0 39 x
The team investigates the murder of a suburban mother. When they learn the victim's ill child has been abducted, Angie and Paula desperately try to find him. Paula shares big news with Angie.

Season 4 Episode 5

3.0 43 x
A murder resembling a case that Paula previously investigated brings into question the guilt of the convicted killer.

Season 4 Episode 4

4.0 31 x
During the investigation of the murder of an ex-con who may have returned to a life of crime, Angie notices Paula trying to ignore personal issues.