Motorway Patrol


S5 E10 - Delta Unit

3.0 4 x
Officers call in a tracker dog when a drunk driver flees the scene of a crash, and a tailgater has some brazen excuses for his behaviour.

S5 E9 - P-Pursuit

3.0 3 x
Officers pursue a driver in a stolen car with three teenage passengers and meet an unlucky driver who just bought a lemon off the Internet.

S5 E7 - SCU

4.0 4 x
Officers find a dog in a dangerous situation, and encounter a driver who claims to be the victim of stand-over tactics.

S5 E6 - Truck T-Bones

4.0 6 x
A woman lies trapped in her wrecked car after being hit by a truck, and officers learn that God moves in mysterious ways.
Episodes 2017

Sat 23 Apr, season 7 episode 8

3.5 17 x
A truck carrying high pressure gas bottles slams into a concrete bridge, a speeder who thinks he knows better than the cops and a Russian visitor proves too much of a distraction.

Mon 10 Aug, season 15 episode 1

3.0 18 x
An adrenalin fuelled biker attempts a crash and dash after bailing on the Southern Motorway.

Season 7 Episode 7

3.0 13 x
Three damaged vehicles are stuck in the path of fast lane traffic. Slow and steady wins the race for a grumpy old driver plus a car that really is a mobile work of art.

Season 7 Episode 6

4.0 16 x
An unlicensed driver spins out of control and lands upside down on the rocks. A factory in flames threatens to burn out of control and some fast food policing is on the menu.

Season 1 Episode 18

3.0 11 x
Join officers as they encounter high speed chases, runaway dogs and drunk drivers as they patrol the motorways of NZ.

Season 1 Episode 19

4.0 12 x
A driver tells police his name is Jesus, and an officer comes across plastic bottles containing what looks like blood.