Mr Selfridge


Thu 22 Dec, season 4 episode 10

2.0 73 x
Mae's love life, Harry's judgement, Selfridge's and Whiteley's are now all under the spotlight of a tabloid frenzy. Serious questions about Harry's financial stability are rife.

Thu 15 Dec, season 4 episode 9

3.0 56 x
At Selfridge's, preparations are afoot to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the store's opening. Harry gets special permission from the council for a large-scale public parade along Oxford Street.

Thu 8 Dec, season 4 episode 8

4.0 69 x
Harry is unconscious after his car accident and he suffers more flashbacks to a specific moment in his childhood.

Thu 1 Dec, season 4 episode 7

4.0 78 x
After a tumultuous period, Harry is determined to get his life and the store back on track. Selfridge's has returned to doing what it does best: a classic store-wide summer promotion.

Thu 24 Nov, season 4 episode 6

2.5 60 x
Everyone is reeling from the assault on the store, especially Harry. D'ancona continues to pile on the pressure: Harry must pay his debts within days or else suffer more consequences.

Thu 17 Nov, season 4 episode 5

4.0 56 x
Harry is delighted to be causing ripples of excitement throughout London as the public gathers to watch the filming of a silent movie on the ground floor of Selfridge's.

Thu 10 Nov, season 4 episode 4

4.0 84 x
After the huge monetary success of The Selfridge Trust, Harry has whisked a large group of journalists to Biarritz, France to make an important announcement.

Fri 14 Oct, season 4 episode 3

3.0 176 x
Harry's spirited daughter Violette has returned from life in Paris, and together with Rosalie they implore Harry to stop burying his head in the sand - but Harry is happy to be distracted.

Fri 7 Oct, season 4 episode 2

4.0 109 x
Fri 7 Oct, season 4 episode 2 of Mr Selfridge was broadcast by Seven on Saturday 8 October 2016 at 13:15.

Fri 7 Oct, season 4 episode 2

4.0 127 x
Harry's absence is noted in the press, and when Gordon talks with a journalist, he unwittingly sparks sensationalist tabloid headlines about Harry's advancing age.
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