Ms Fisher Modern Murder Mysteries

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Ms Fisher Modern Murder Mysteries

When Peregrine and her friends take a fishing trip to soothe their various heartaches, Sam manages to hook a corpse, but all the bystanders have airtight alibis.

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Season 2
Peregrine's New Year's party turns deadly when the band's lead singer is murdered. James realises he must finally decide between Peregrine and Sally.
A murder at a pigeon racing club sets Birdie and Peregrine against each other when it proves to be connected to Birdie's secret agent work.
A brawl at a bowling alley between rockers and mods leads to decapitation, when the police arrest Violetta's nephew for the murder, Peregrine tries to prove his innocence.
At the Melbourne Kennel Club's dog show, a competitor dies and her prized collie is framed for the murder. Peregrine considers a canine companion.
James investigates the murder of a farmhand the day before a wedding at an estate where James's father works, Peregrine tries to help.
Peregrine's excitement over her upcoming nuptials is short-lived, when a woman's body is discovered during flight attendant training.
An architect and his lover are found dead after a party; Peregrine and James retrace the partygoers' movements, but it's proving difficult.