Murder In Italy: Unknown Male Number 1

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Murder In Italy: Unknown Male Number 1

A year long court-case ensues; the prosecution presents a scientific case, while Bossetti's defence is based on character; throughout the fraught proceedings, Bossetti maintains his innocence.

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Season 1
Police collect DNA from one of Ester Arzuffi's children, a 45-year old man named Massimo Bossetti; it's a perfect match and Bossetti is arrested; all of Italy is transfixed; Yara's killer has been found; inside the prison, a different story unfolds.
Letizia Ruggeri, herself mother to a young girl and deeply committed to bringing justice in this headline-grabbing case, now recommits to the long-shot DNA-driven investigation.
Thirteen-year-old Yara Gambiarasio's body is found, and everybody in her hometown and Italy is in shock; with the help of DNA analysis, the search for the 'unknown male' begins.