My Almost Famous Family

April 2014

Series 1 Episode 11 Christmas Time

3.0 326 x
The Totally Annabelle Christmas special is coming live from the Swann's living room. Unfortunately Toyah's OCD starts playing up, while mum is determined to find her presents, and Hadley is desperate to sing his solo.

Series 1 Episode 10 Can't Get You Out Of My Head

4.0 273 x
Hadley and Isaac get hooked on a computer game, Supalife. Meanwhile Aretha gives Toyah a make-over to attract TV heartthrob Zac MacDonald and promptly regrets it.

Series 1 Episode 9 Born To Be Wild

3.0 189 x
When Hadley, the bad boy of rock is mugged by girls he wants to leave the band. It's left to Isaac to try and help him 'man up'. Aretha, meanwhile enlists Toyah's help to beat Annabelle to the Teen-Style Queen award.

Series 1 Episode 8 Take A Chance On Me

3.0 134 x
Toyah and Aretha compete to write a song for RnB star, Monelle. Meanwhile, Hadley tries to work out why Isaac is so much more popular than him.

Series 1 Episode 7 Bittersweet Symphony

3.0 122 x
A small lie from Hadley has him passing himself off as the bad boy of Harp, and all for the new love of his life.
March 2014

Series 1 Episode 6 You Can't Touch This

3.0 152 x
Gary and Shalondra get locked in the recording studio spying on the kids.

Series 1 Episode 5 Beat Surrender

3.0 160 x
Gary and Shalondra announce a maths test. Anyone who fails to is out of the band! Grandad's arrival is a distraction but for Isaac it's a great way of avoiding revising. Can the others stop him getting kicked out of the band?

Series 1 Episode 4 Piece of Me

3.0 107 x
Gary is determined not to miss Hadley's football or the father/son basketball with Isaac so Shalondra devises a fridge magnet chart to keep everything to plan. Toyah meanwhile gets hooked on her celebrity status.

Series 1 Episode 3 The Sound Of Silence

3.0 199 x
Isaac kidnaps Annabelle's pet pig, Pixie, while Aretha loses her hearing just as a record executive is coming to see her perform.

Episode 2 The Girl Is Mine

3.0 112 x
Gary and Shalondra go camping, leaving the children with Gary's father Terry. Toyah practises for her grade eight cello exam, while Terry has the band perform his old embarrassing hit from the 70s. CAST: Rakie Ayolab