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S1 Ep7 24:40

S1 Ep7

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Galle is home to a Dutch fort, built at the height of the medieval spice trade when traders considered it the centre of the world. What remains today in the city is a rich amalgamation of cultural influences. Peter pulls in fishing nets with locals on the beach before meeting an old frien...
S1 Ep6 23:13

S1 Ep6

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Fishermen from Sri Lanka's south coast fish in the surf perched high on stick mounts embedded in the sand beneath the waves. Peter learns the technique and manages to catch a few herring while teetering precariously on his borrowed post. From fresh seafood to fresh vegetables, Peter explo...
S1 Ep5 24:06

S1 Ep5

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Peter joins a multi-faith pilgrimage to Kataragama temple and along the way learns how to make the jelly sweet, dodol, which in Sri Lanka is prepared exclusively by specialist cooks. Keen to continue learning from those who know Sri Lankan cuisine best, Peter enlists some local help to en...
S1 Ep4 25:13

S1 Ep4

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The production of tea and cinnamon are two incredibly labour-intensive processes, to this day still harvested largely by hand. Sri Lanka boasts a fine history with its distinguished tea fields and also produces the majority of the world's cinnamon supply. Peter travels to the hill country...
S1 Ep3 23:39

S1 Ep3

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The Sri Lankan city of Kandy was once occupied by the last of the Sinhala kings. The location is revered by numerous ancient religions and home to the honoured Buddhist Temple of the Tooth. Peter stops by a nearby spice plantation on his way into the city, tasting fresh cocoa and cooking ...
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