Myf Warhurst's Nice

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Myf chats with everyone from Pete Smith - face of Copperart, to host of Bargain Hunt, Tim Wonnacott, in a bid to understand why we collect the stuff we do.
Myf explores some of the fashions that she and the nation got swept up with in the '80s.
Myf looks at the kitsch and popular art of her childhood and questions why she, and many others, are still drawn to it. She also tries to convince artist Ken Done to paint her the doona cover she always wanted.
Myf explores Australia's recent food past. Are we ashamed of our national foods and if so why? Is there more to the food in the bain-marie of our local takeaway than we think?
Myf explores her first musical loves, some that have stood the test of time and others that she now cringes about. Myf embarks on a journey to find out why our first musical loves have such an impact.