Mysteries At The Museum

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Season 21

Season 21, Episode 5 - Terror on the Tracks, the Ape and the Child and Body in the Bog

3.0 11 x
Don Wildman examines stories of a bomber threatening railroads in the Northwest, a chimp raised to be human, and a mysterious body in Denmark that is much older than it appears.

Season 21, Episode 4 - Titanic Hustle, Sherlock to the Rescue and America's Greatest Athlete

3.0 0 x
Don Wildman examines a clever con aboard the RMS Titanic, investigates a murder mystery solved by the real-life Sherlock Holmes, and reviews the reinvention of an iconic Olympian.

Season 21, Episode 3 - Sandwich in Space, Watergate Crash and Blenda's Banquet

3.0 0 x
Don Wildman investigates a terrifying discovery on the surface of the moon, a White House conspiracy, and the brave woman who cooked up a stunning military victory.

Season 21, Episode 2 - Cat's Best Friend, Sunken Treasure and Raining Frogs

3.0 0 x
Don Wildman investigates one of New York City's bravest firefighters, a shipwreck rumoured to contain millions of dollars worth of gold and a storm of biblical proportions.

Season 21, Episode 1 - Columbus and the Mermaid, Skyscraper Snafu and Stealing the Show

4.0 0 x
Christopher Columbus' encounter with a fabled sea creature, a death-defying mission on the nation's tallest building and the abduction of a jazz musician by a notorious gangster.
Season 20

Season 20, Episode 5 - Jack the Ripper, Wooden Money and Deadly Decor

4.0 7 x
Don Wildman examines a new clue that could identify history's most notorious killer, a peculiar piece of wood that saved a small town and the surprising cause of a deadly illness.

Season 20, Episode 4 - Presidential Cheese, Spying Space Shuttle and Liberty in the Lake

3.0 10 x
Investigate a pestilent stench that almost overpowered a president, a dangerous incident aboard the very first space shuttle and the most incredible college prank of all time.

Season 20, Episode 3 - China Clipper, Phantom Island and Dueling Dandy

4.0 2 x
Don Wildman examines letters that crossed an ocean on a treacherous plane ride, a map of an island shrouded in mystery and a French sword.

Season 20, Episode 2 - Ghost Ship, Bobsledding and Handel's Heartstopper

3.0 2 x
Don Wildman investigates the mystery behind an Alaskan ghost ship, how a popular winter sport was inspired by boisterous tourists and a daring duel between musical maestros.

Season 20, Episode 1 - Lunar Fender Bender, Opera Angels and Billiard Balls

3.0 4 x
Don Wildman investigates a roadside repair on the surface of the moon, a pair of opera-loving sisters who took on the Nazis and the story behind one of the most popular sports.