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Season 8
Don Wildman examines a porcelain washbasin used to fight a deadly disease, studies a Colt.45, and learns how a small circular artefact changed personal hygiene across America.
Host Don Wildman examines a bird specimen that marks a baffling plague in Michigan, studies a camera used in a spy love story in Berlin, and uncovers the rise of poker in Las Vegas.
Host Don Wildman examines a rare food fight, a race around the globe and a bird uniform.
Don Wildman uncovers the heroics of a First Lady who fought to preserve Washington's treasures, examines a football linked to a WWI and studies an explosive tale in Oregon.
Season 7
Examine a handcrafted glass plant that blurs the line between science and art, and a car that grew out of a race between an American automaker and a rival Italian designer.
Don Wildman examines a puzzling crossword, a set of traffic signals that became a beloved symbol of East German culture and more.
Inspect a set of watchmaking tools that belonged to a man who changed America's railways, a journal that tells the story of a risky experiment and an armband worn by a lawman.
Don Wildman examines a painted wooden sign that once advertised a vaudeville act so bad it was good, a famous White House cow's milk can and more.
A trinket symbolising the stormy evolution of a holiday, a novel contraption deployed to save a bevy of beavers and views a scandalous machine that titillated Victorian England.
Examine a simple peanut that played a role in an unusual 20th century fad, and a set of shimmering gold relics that became the subject of a battle between two rival nations.
One of America's most explosive sweets, a pinball machine that represents one of the game's gutsy players who saved it from obscurity, and a flare stick that guided Londoners.
A classic toy that became a pop culture phenomenon, a delicate silk sample that symbolises a stunning tale of international espionage, and a quirky car to travel on land and water
An iconic road sign that was part of a revolutionary plan to bring order to America's roads. A tiny bee specimen that unleashed madness. A gas mask that was invented by a bold man
Host Don Wildman examines a concert programme that marks one of the most infamous nights in music history, a space capsule used by an astronaut, and a DVD from an unusual film.
Examine a copy of a play that sparked one of the biggest riots in New York City, a monocular used by a soldier who made a daring escape, and a wrapper that sparked postal feud.
An aeronautical device with an infamous claim to fame, a cane that thwarted a presidential assassin, and a souvenir T-shirt from an outlandish event that became an all-out rampage.
Examine a brassiere that gave schemers an unexpected boost, a plane that soared to safety in a rescue mission, and a religious icon allegedly scorched by the forces of evil.
Season 21
Don Wildman explores the mysterious bacteria that imperilled the NASA space program, the remains of a mythical beast, and a hidden bug that painted the world in a whole new colour.
A mysterious medium conjures a ghost; a terrifying sea monster lurks in one of the Great Lakes; the strange tale of an audacious stowaway.
The death-defying tale of a brave baker; the shocking secret behind a sinister psychic; the world's most dangerous swim.