Mystery Diners


Episode 13 - 16 Jul 2019

4.2 386 x
The owners of "Geppino's Sicilian Kitchen" in Moorpark, suspect that their daughter is dating a thief, after their customers start complaining about stolen items.

Episode 12 - 09 Jul 2019

4.5 125 x
The new owners of "Cafe Aldente" in California, worry that the staff they inherited are still practicing old policies, and so they ask Charles and his team to observe their employees in action.

Episode 10 - 02 Jul 2019

3.0 44 x
A dip in sales at "Rock-a-Billies" in Arvada, Colorado, is investigated by Charles and the team, who discover the restaurant staff is breaking multiple rules.

Episode 9 - 02 Jul 2019

3.0 51 x
Food costs are a concern for the owners of "Indulge Bistro and Wine Bar" in Colorado, who discover that some of their employees are hosting their own secret pairing events.

Episode 8 - 25 Jun 2019

4.0 37 x
A bicycle delivery service is investigated by Charles and the team, after the owner of "Sliceworks" in Denver notices a decrease in sales and an increase in complaints.

5. Trademark Trouble

3.0 31 x
A San Diego restaurant owner fears that someone within his organization is trying to steal his signature sandwich.

6. Customer Concerns

3.0 33 x
The owner of "730 South" in Denver, worries that his regular customers are guilty of acting entitled and asks Charles and the team to get to the bottom of the problem.

4. Dueling Food Trucks

4.0 28 x
Owners of rival food trucks work together to investigate revenue loss in both of their vehicles.

Episode 2 - 04 Jun 2019

3.0 46 x
A tense rivalry between two flair bartenders and missing alcohol are among the problems investigated by Charles and the team, when they arrive at the "Compass" in Carlsbad, California.

Episode 13 - 28 May 2019

Expired 4.0 17 x
When Chef Chai, owner of his namesake restaurant in Honolulu, notices multiple ticket voids, he contacts Charles Stiles for help.