Tue 28 Feb, season 2 episode 5

3.0 3 x
s it possible to throw a regular playing card fast enough to inflict bodily harm? Can a heated jawbreaker explode in your mouth? Can a sandblasted PVC pipe become a deadly cannon?

S7 Ep223 - Moonshiners Special - Exploding Still / Moonshine Run

3.0 0 x
Exploding Still/Moonshine Run - In this moonshiner-inspired episode, the MythBusters find out if an exploding moonshine still could blow your house down and if you really could use hooch to fuel an unmodified car on a "moonshine run". (From the US) ...

Mon 27 Feb, season 2 episode 6

3.0 3 x
Can you really murder someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub? Does a tattoo react with an MRI's rays? Will killer quicksand take down the MythBusters?

S7 Ep222 - Bullet Baloney

3.0 2 x
Bullet Baloney - The MythBusters take on five filmic firearm cliches: Will a bent-barreled shot gun fire? Can you fire a gun in space? Will a gun dropped in a deep fryer go off? What weird items will stop a bullet? Plus find out if a neon sign will ...

Fri 24 Feb, season 2 episode 5

3.0 6 x
Will a piece of plywood save a construction worker swept off a building? Can hanging a disco ball from your rear-view mirror or painting your car a flat-black colour deflect a cop's radar?
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