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S7 Ep227 - Apple Bobbing Bungee / Tennis Wing Walk

3.0 1 x
Apple Bobbing Bungee/Tennis Wing Walk - This episode the team go to terrifying extremes and vertigo inducing heights to investigate two adrenaline-pumping myths. First in 'Apple Bobbing Bungee' Adam and Jamie are at the end of their rope, testing th...

S7 Ep226 - Driving This Crazy

3.0 3 x
Driving This Crazy - Take the edge of your seat, buckle up, and hang on because the team is Driving This Crazy and solving three car crimes from Hollywood! First up Adam and Jamie tackle the tinsel town tall tale of the Cliff Top Push. When two cars...

S7 Ep225 - Do Try This At Home Special

3.0 1 x
Do Try This At Home Special - For years the Mythbusters team have told you to leave the busting to the professionals. But that’s all about to change. Every MythBuster has to start somewhere - and there’s no place like home. Our team has collected a ...

S7 Ep224 - Laws Of Attraction - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes / Sexy Scents / Brain Drain / Storm In A D-Cup / Money

3.0 0 x
Laws Of Attraction - On this sizzling hot episode the team investigates the Laws of Attraction. Adam and Jamie ask is the follicular fable, gentlemen prefer blondes, fact or fair haired fiction. Then they take on internet based claims of irresistibl...

S7 Ep223 - Moonshiners Special - Exploding Still / Moonshine Run

3.0 3 x
Exploding Still/Moonshine Run - In this moonshiner-inspired episode, the MythBusters find out if an exploding moonshine still could blow your house down and if you really could use hooch to fuel an unmodified car on a "moonshine run". (From the US) ...
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