Fri 24 Mar, season 2 episode 26

4.0 10 x
Is an ancient Chinese text alluding to a subterranean sonar system that could apparently detect and intercept an invasion from below true? Is the 5 second rule for food really safe to eat?

Thu 23 Mar, season 2 episode 25

3.0 6 x
Adam and Jamie take their detractors head on as they revisit some of their favourite myths. They're going to answer them once and for all and forever silence their critics.

Wed 22 Mar, season 2 episode 24

4.0 4 x
Could an airline's emergency life raft be used as a parachute? Is it possible for oxygen, an electrical spark and hair cream to result in a deadly cocktail?

Mon 20 Mar, season 2 episode 22

3.0 8 x
Can illegal immigrants fire themselves 200 yards across the border with a slingshot so accurate that it can land the human projectiles safely on a carefully placed mattress?

Thu 16 Mar, season 2 episode 20

3.0 4 x
Is talking on your cell phone while driving more dangerous than driving drunk? The MythBusters test the efficacy of that familiar brace position that airlines outline.
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