Nature's Miracle Babies

Nature's Miracle Babies catch up

February 2014

Episode 4 Spix, Sifaka, Numbat, Wallaby

3.0 172 x
Zoologist Martin Hughes-Games travels to South Australia to meet an endangered wallaby, and follows a group of baby numbats as they take their first steps to freedom in the forests of Western Australia.
January 2014

Episode 3 Islands (Tasmanian Devils, Mauritius Kestrel, Mountain Chickens, Aye Aye, Koala)

3.0 140 x
Zoologist Martin Hughes-Games travels to Australia and follows the plight of the Tasmanian Devil and the efforts to save koalas.

Episode 2 Ele's Cats (Amur, Gorilla, Eles)

4.0 137 x
Zoologist Martin Hughes-Games travels to the Russian Far East on the trail of the rarest cat in the world - the Amur leopard. And at London Zoo, he meets a family of three female gorillas which are desperately in need of a mate.

Episode 1 Back From The Brink (Panda, Tamarin, Asian Rhino)

3.0 123 x
Follows the work to save some of the world's most vulnerable species. Presenter Martin Hughes-Games meets giant panda babies in China and an Asian one-horned rhino due to give birth in an English zoo.