Season 8, Episode 11

3.0 1 x
Gibbs and the NCIS team partner with a Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) Agent to solve the murder of a Marine gunned down on a dinner boat.

Season 16, Episode 11

3.0 17 x
The secretary of defense shuts down Gibbs' murder investigation and demands that McGee and Torres be arrested for their actions in the case.
Episodes 2018

Season 16, Episode 9

4.5 48 x
When the lead suspect of an unsolved and high-profile robbery case is released from prison, the NCIS team resumes their investigation with an undercover stakeout.

Season 16, Episode 8

4.0 34 x
McGee and Bishop travel to Afghanistan after a murder case in the states is linked to a string of soldiers killed by friendly fire overseas.

Season 16, Episode 7

4.0 30 x
A street artist's mural is stolen, and the investigation leads to a conspiracy regarding a Navy contractor.

Season 16, Episode 3

4.0 37 x
Season 16, Episode 3 of NCIS was broadcast by Ten on Sunday 21 October 2018 at 22:58.

Season 16, Episode 1

4.0 53 x
Gibbs is assigned the role of acting director while the team searches worldwide for Director Vance's whereabouts.

Season 15, Episode 23

3.0 81 x
While Gibbs attends the memorial service for a friend who was lost at sea, he discovers that the deceased has been hiding in a fallout shelter after his boat was attacked and he swam to shore.

Season 15, Episode 22

3.0 85 x
When evidence reveals an NCIS team member is a hitman's latest target, the team must search through old case files to determine who is seeking vengeance.

Season 15, Episode 21

3.5 43 x
Sara Carter begs Gibbs to investigate her mother's murder as she believes the wrong man was convicted. Abby has to decide which co-worker deserves to join her for a 5 star dinner she is awarded.