November 2019

Season 17, Episode 6

3.0 0 x
After a petty officer's son is found murdered, evidence suggests Kasie's lifelong best friend is guilty.

Season 8, Episode 23

4.0 0 x
When new evidence reveals that the Port-to-Port serial killer has managed to infiltrate the agency, the NCIS team chase every lead in a race to track him down.

Season 14, Episode 22

3.0 3 x
After a Marine Sergeant is found murdered in a National Park, Gibbs and the NCIS team partner with Mounted Police Sergeant May Dawson to solve a string of related crimes in the park.

Season 14, Episode 21

4.0 2 x
Torres must rely on old case notes and contacts after a Marine's murder is linked to a former dirt bike gang he joined for a year-long undercover operation.

Season 14, Episode 20

3.0 0 x
After a vice admiral's laptop is infected with ransomware, he enlists McGee and the NCIS team to track down the hacker before the computer virus eliminates his personal and professional files.

Season 16, Episode 6

4.0 7 x
At a Halloween crime scene, Torres recognizes the NCIS victim as a former friend from federal law enforcement training, and Jimmy thinks his lab may be haunted!

Season 17, Episode 5

4.0 15 x
NCIS investigates a Marine after evidence suggests she murdered her neighbour while being treated for insomnia by a hypnotherapist.

Season 8, Episode 22

4.0 1 x
Through a series of flashbacks, we discover how Tony first met Gibbs and why he left the Baltimore police department to join the NCIS team.

Season 10, Episode 24

3.0 5 x
The search for Jackie Vance's killer turns into a federal witch hunt against Gibbs and the team, which questions their unconventional methods and threatens their future at NCIS.

Season 10, Episode 23

4.0 2 x
A Department of Defence investigator scrutinises the NCIS team's response to the Bodnar case involving the murder of Ziva's father and Vance's wife.