August 2020

Season 10, Episode 13

3.0 0 x
The NCIS team investigates a car accident involving a marine, which ignites some upsetting memories from the past in Abby when she was a young girl on the trail of her first case.

Season 4, Episode 22

3.0 0 x
When a blind photographer captures the body of a Petty Officer on film, the NCIS team use his special insight to investigate the crime. Meanwhile, both Gibbs and Tony are having commitment issues.

Season 10, Episode 12

4.0 0 x
In the aftermath of an event that strikes close to home, the NCIS team unites to seek answers and demand justice in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues.

Season 10, Episode 11

4.0 0 x
The team investigates a case involving a Navy petty officer and a dead journalist. Meanwhile, Ziva is shocked and suspicious when her father, the director of Mossad, pays her a visit.

Season 10, Episode 10

4.0 0 x
It's Christmas time and Anthony DiNozzo Sr. comes to town for a visit. Meanwhile, the NCIS team is "following the money" in order to solve a murder investigation.
July 2020

Season 8, Episode 20

2.5 43 x
To Gibbs' displeasure, Special Agent E.J. Barrett returns to lead the investigation into a seaman's suspicious death. Meanwhile, Ziva finally introduces her boyfriend, Ray to the team.

Season 8, Episode 19

4.0 9 x
NCIS connect a message in blood left by a murdered Navy commander to a manuscript that may contain classified military information.

Season 8, Episode 18

3.0 12 x
Gibbs questions Vance's motives when he is asked to interrogate a teenage boy accused of killing his retired Marine father.

Season 8, Episode 17

3.0 8 x
When a former NCIS investigative assistant is found brutally stabbed to death, Gibbs and the team discover that the agent was selling secrets to professional thieves.

Season 8, Episode 16

3.0 10 x
When the dismembered fingertips and teeth of a murdered Marine are discovered in a stolen purse, the NCIS team go on a mission to find the coldblooded killer.