NCIS: New Orleans


Season 3, Episode 19

4.0 3 x
A deadly accident at a naval base exposes a unit of Seabees to a super virus and leaves the rest of the base and the city of New Orleans at risk for an outbreak.

Season 3, Episode 18

4.0 5 x
Tammy reunites with her ex-husband, who not only embezzled millions in Katrina relief funds, but is also connected to the murder of a crime boss' son.

Season 3, Episode 17

4.0 6 x
A highly skilled special operations Marine assaults six men in a bar, sending the NCIS team on a city-wide manhunt.

Season 3, Episode 16

Expired 3.0 5 x
Pride's longtime friend, state & military attorney Rita Devereaux, asks NCIS to investigate the disappearance of a JAG lawyer who specializes in classified cases at a private military academy.

Season 3, Episode 15

Expired 4.0 11 x
A gruesome copycat murder on a street car reopens a former case for Wade, evoking painful memories from her past.

Season 3, Episode 13

Expired 3.0 8 x
After thousands of classified government files are stolen, the NCIS team searches for an underground group of hackers co-founded by Pride's old contact, Elvis Bertrand.

Season 3, Episode 12

Expired 4.0 10 x
After Pride travels to a deep sea oil rig for a murder investigation, the team uncovers a gas leak that's on the verge of causing a catastrophic explosion.

Season 3, Episode 11

Expired 3.0 16 x
Sebastian is sent undercover and Patton exercises his former gambling skills, as Pride and the team attempt a dangerous operation to trap Garcia.

Season 3, Episode 14

Expired 3.0 20 x
NCIS agents McGee and Torres travel to New Orleans to partner with Pride and his team in the search for a missing homeland security theoretical terror playbook.

Season 3, Episode 10

Expired 4.0 20 x
Pride must protect a beloved family friend who is engaged to the number one suspect in the ongoing NCIS and FBI cartel case.
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