Necessary Roughness

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Necessary Roughness

As TK balks when Matt benches him with an injury, Dani looks to uncover the real story behind a TV news anchor whose career is threatened by his inexplicable loss of composure on the air.

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Season 1
On top of trying to end a feud between TK and a brash rookie receiver, Dani must get NASCAR driver Billy Rhodes back on the track following an unnerving accident.
After throwing out her cheating husband, psychotherapist Dani Santino looks to make ends meet by signing on to help out-of-control pro football star TK King.
An intimidating opposing player threatens the Hawks' playoff chances by sending TK into a tailspin on and off the field.
As she works to help a TV show host control the violent outbursts that are threatening her career, Dani faces the prospect of divorce as her 18th wedding anniversary approaches.
When a disgraced Hawks mascot shows up seeking forgiveness, Dani looks to convince the team that he's not responsible for a curse they believe is behind their problems on the field.
A female boxer's career-threatening blackouts lead Dani to suspect that she's repressing something tragic in her past. A hero's fall from grace causes TK to question the advice of his therapist.
As TK hires an unconventional therapist, Dani turns her attention to helping a pro golfer with the yips. Meanwhile, Dani's love life is complicated by her former college professor.
Dani intervenes when tension between two players’ wives threatens the team. And as TK sees his popularity suffering at the hands of a younger teammate, Dani tries to help him.
As Dani treats a pro skateboarder with crippling nightmares, she and Laura square off over how to handle a woman who is stalking TK.
As Ray Jay and Lindsay's new business venture lands them in trouble with the team, a beautiful publicist hired to deal with TK's latest legal problem threatens to undermine Dani.
As Randy Boozler's problems with missing practice threaten to cost him his job, a sudden change in the pattern of bets being made on Hawks games leads Nico to suspect Dani's mom of leaking inside info