Neil Oliver


June 12, 2016

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In the summer of 1914, a company of Cameron Highlanders left Portree and sailed off to war. On the battlefields of France, these raw recruits would meet the Maxim machine gun - invented in London, and capable of firing a hellish 666 rounds per minute. The German army deployed these weapons with mathematical efficiency. Nei...
Episodes 2016

S1 Ep1 - Day One - The Lead Up To The Battle

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Day One: The Lead Up To The Battle - 700 years after one of the most significant conflicts in British history, Neil Oliver and Tony Pollard go in search of both the real and imagined Battle of Bannockburn. With the help of the country’s greatest minds, 3D computer generated graphics and a good old fashioned spade, they’ll ...

S1 Ep2 - Day Two - The Battle And Aftermath

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Day Two: The Battle And Aftermath - In this two part special, Neil Oliver and Tony Pollard set out to solve one of the biggest puzzles in battle-field archaeology. 700 years ago, Robert the Bruce's overwhelming victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn helped seal Scotland's future as an independent kingdom. Bu...

S1 Ep3

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In the final instalment of the three-part series, Neil Oliver examines how the creation of saints by the early church led to a new generation of Sacred Wonders across Britain. On Iona, Neil discovers the traditional resting place of Macbeth as well as delving back through time to discover how St Columba sanctified the isla...
Episodes 2015

Orkney's Stone Age Temple

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Neil Oliver explores a newly-discovered 5,000-year-old temple on the Orkney Islands. Built 500 years before the iconic monument of Stonehenge, the temple is opening new windows onto the beliefs of Neolithic people, turning the map of ancient Britain upside down. Already the site is revealing a series of incredible finds in...


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Neil Oliver examines the development of the ruthless Maxim machine gun. He looks closely at these impersonal weapons and the legacy they left in one Hebridean community. (Premiere) #SBSRemembers