New York Super Airport

New York Super Airport catch up


S1 Ep3

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The new LaGuardia Airport must be a highly efficient passenger and plane processing machine but the worst snowstorm in five years brings construction and operations to a grinding halt. The team races to complete Terminal B and its twin pedestrian bridges in time for the grand opening, while brand new high-tech baggage scre...

S1 Ep2

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Construction crews battle to stay on schedule - they must build new gates before they tear down the old or operations will grind to a halt. The team digs foundations for a new concourse 200-feet deep into reclaimed land but hits trouble that could delay the build. New York ironworkers fight to connect their biggest truss y...

S1 Ep1

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LaGuardia Airport is hemmed in by river and roads, so designers must push the limits of a tight site by building as tall as possible. This means a vast 120-foot-long escalator is needed to move passengers between floors. But the install hangs precariously in the balance. Below ground the team battles to prevent devastating...