Next Of Kin


Season 1 Episode 6

4.0 4 x
With his client Mr Khalid now in police custody, Guy is forced into a difficult decision about his own loyalties. As Danny and Hamoud await instructions about the target of the planned attack, a shell-shocked Mona is reunited with her loved ones and attempts to put the pieces of her family back together again. However, Barnes and the counter terrorism police face a desperate race against time to stop more attacks on London and save Danny before it is too late.

Season 1 Episode 5

4.0 5 x
While Danny is holed up in a London flat with the rest of the terror cell waiting for further instructions, the entire police operation is compromised when Mona’s brother Omar tries to intervene and rescue Danny on his own. With Omar subsequently hospitalised with potentially life changing injuries, Danny is forced to take extreme measures to slow down the terror plot. At the same time, Guy’s professional life is thrown into a collision course with the police counter terrorism investigation.

Season 1 Episode 4

3.0 12 x
With the police operation a fatal failure and Danny still trapped in the confines of a terrorist organisation, Mona agrees to become a tasked witness for the police. However, her arrest puts Guy’s professional life in jeopardy, and Mona attempts to make amends and play the good wife to impress Guy’s clients, but a phone call from Danny severely tests Mona's beliefs.

Season 1 Episode 3

4.0 8 x
Recovering from her injuries in hospital, Mona is livid at the counter terrorism police; she believes they deliberately led her into a trap in order to get to Danny. Returning home to her concerned family, a traumatised Mona decides to investigate Danny herself. On the eve of Kareem’s funeral Mona attempts to help Danny, but her actions land her into serious trouble. Meanwhile, a separate police operation to bring Danny back to the UK has its own serious consequences.

Season 1 Episode 2

3.0 11 x
Having secretly made contact with Danny in Lahore, Mona is approached by police counter terrorism chief Vivien Barnes to travel to Pakistan and identify Kareem’s body. Despite her husband Guy’s resistance, Mona immediately flies to Pakistan and tries to make contact with Danny. However, when she absconds from a Lahore mortuary to make contact with Danny, Mona’s search leads her to a remote part of the city and grave danger.

Season 1 Episode 1

4.0 13 x
On the same day that a terrorist attack brings London to a standstill, GP Mona Harcourt receives the devastating news that her brother Kareem has been kidnapped on his way home to the UK from his charity clinic in Lahore. Mona and her family’s horror is aggravated by the attentions of the police counter terrorism unit and their interest in Kareem’s teenage son Danny. Danny has not been seen at university for six weeks, and Mona is determined to find him before the police do.