Nigella Bites

March 2018

S2 Ep6 - Legacy

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Nigella Lawson lovingly recreates the flavours of her childhood, using recipes handed down to her from her mother and grandmother, including Italian sausages with lentils, bread and butter pudding and a revival of Liptauer cheese spread.

S2 Ep5 - Temple Food

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For anyone suffering after a heavy night of partying, Nigella Lawson has just the tonic, offering suggestions for dishes that cleanse the mind and body, including Vietnamese chicken with mint salad, gingery hot duck soup, papaya with raspberries and lime, and a prairie oyster - the ultimate hangover cure.

S2 Ep4 - Trashy

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Nigella Lawson turns her back on food snobs, preparing the type of recipes most chefs wouldn't be seen dead making, including ham baked in cola, an Elvis-style fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, and a chocolate lime cheesecake.

S2 Ep3 - All-Day Breakfast

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Why be constrained by a time table? Enjoy breakfast food day or night. For Nigella Lawson breakfast starts with pancakes and muffins. Then she shares a recipe for Masala Omelettes, a nice rich Indian omelette. And no late breakfast can go without an accompaniment. Nigella shares her recipe for Bloody Marys, and ends her meal with Kugel, a sweet German cake.

S2 Ep2 - Comfort Food

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Nigella Lawson shares recipes of her favourite comfort foods. First up are rich and creamy mashed potatoes, which can also be used as leftovers to make Salmon Cakes. The she reveals her recipe for Risotto, which she considers not only comfort food but comfort cooking. And you can't talk about comfort foods without making a rich chicken soup. Finally, Nigella shares her recipe for the ultimate comfort food: chocolate cake.

S2 Ep1 - TV Dinners

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Nigella Lawson rustles up a selection of TV dinners for those occasions when time is of the essence, including Thai yellow pumpkin and seafood curry, linguine with garlic oil and pancetta, and salt and pepper squid.
February 2018

S1 Ep5 - Weekend

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Nigella Lawson shares her favourite weekend recipes. She focuses on the simple yet delicious food she cooks for herself, her family and friends. Stews are great for weekends. A particular favourite of Nigella's is Greek lamb stew with past. Weekends are also great for baking. Nigella shares her recipe for Clementine cake. Nigella wraps up her weekends with a beautiful Sunday roast.

S1 Ep4 - Home Alone

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Nigella focuses on the foods she loves to eat when she's cooking for one. One of her favorite and most regular lunches is salad with pancetta and parmesan. Next, she makes lamb chops with a garlicky tahini and lemon sauce that provides that little extra zing. Nigella also shares her South East Asian flavored mussels.

S1 Ep3 - Family Food

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We all have certain foods which comfort us because they remind us of childhood. Dishes that our parents prepared for us always retain a special place in our hearts. For Nigella, her ultimate 'desert island dish' is her mother's steak bernaisse and, for pudding, her grandmother's poached pears with vanilla ice cream and a dark, luscious chocolate sauce.

S1 Ep2 - Entertaining

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For Nigella, entertaining means spending time with friends, not anguishing alone in the kitchen, and the taste of the food is far more important than its presentations. To take the strain out of home entertaining Nigella goes a Middle Eastern style meze. The food itself is not all from the Middle East, rather it's the pattern of eating that's emulated, with a series of dishes, including Hummus with yogurt, olive oil and toasted pinenuts, lime-sharp guacamole studded with green chilli, garlic an...