Nine's Inside Story

February 2015

2015 Episode 5

2.5 411 x
Gold Diggers. A serial gold digger weasels his way into the heart - and bank account - of a vulnerable widow then kills her on a camping holiday, claiming it was an accident. Hosted by Leila McKinnon.

2015 Episode 4

3.0 399 x
2015 Episode 4 of Nine's Inside Story was broadcast by Channel 9 on Friday 20 February 2015 at 9:34.

Season 2 Episode 4

3.0 299 x
Fatal Obsession: The chilling story of a troubled teenager so obsessed with her young neighbour she decides to murder her and steal her identity.

2015 Episode 3

3.0 260 x
Inside Story. Hosted by Leila McKinnon. Terror In The Mall. The terrorist siege that shocked the world. Aussie survivors recount the heroism and horror of the attack by Muslim extremists, all captured, as it unfolded, on dozens of secret cameras.

2015 Episode 2

2.2 738 x
The shocking story of Matthew Milat, the troubled teenager whose obsession with his uncle, serial killer Ivan Milat, drove him to murder a mate - on his 17th birthday. Hosted by Leila McKinnon.
January 2015

2015 Episode 1

3.0 864 x
Dirty Rotten Swindlers, the inside story of Australia's biggest con woman - a timid accountant who stole more than $45 million from one of the country's largest corporations, and then went on a wild spending spree. Hosted by Leila McKinnon.