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Forest Day is a fun celebration in honour of the forest. But when it comes time to clean up, the birds try to do it quickly and aren't careful. Now they've turned the lake bright pink - what are they going to do?

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Season 1
Odo is a wonderful hair stylist. He gives all of the birds a new look - a bright purple feather on their heads.
The Superbird Challenge is a big, camp-wide competition. The winners turn out to be very surprising and not the birds anyone would expect.
As Odo helps Camp Leader clear an old nearly-forgotten trail from her childhood, Camp Leader remembers old adventures while Odo has new adventures of his own.
Camp Leader has important business to discuss with Inspector Feathers about Forest Camp.
Odo meets Michael's brother, Ger, but gets a surprise. Ger doesn't like Odo at all because he doesn't trust owls. Odo's feelings are hurt, but is determined to help Ger understand that he shouldn't discriminate against him.
Leonardo's Mum is at the doctor today, and he's very worried about her. Odo is sure that he can help and plans all sorts of fun activities to help keep the anxious peacock smiling.
When Odo hears a rumour that Camp Leader is leaving, Odo launches a wild scheme to get her to stay. All the birds get swept up in Odo's wild plan. But is the rumour even true?
Odo has a new dance move but no-one notices it. He tricks the other birds into building him the biggest nest at the top of the tallest in the forest as a stage.
Odo and Doodle set up a messenger service, but the messages get muddled and they can't figure out why.
Odo finds a plastic bottle. He tries to throw it away but the bottle causes all sorts of problems for the campers.
Forest Camp looks very different after 'The Big Storm'. One of Odo's favourite trees has fallen down. But it's worse for Michael the mouse, his home has been swept away and Odo promises to help him find somewhere new to live.
When a migratory bird named Martin is accidentally separated from his flock, Odo and Doodle make him feel at home in forest camp.
Odo's beetle pal, Scuttle passes away and Odo doesn't know what to feel, one minute he's angry, the next he wants to play, and then he wants to be left alone. Doodle wants to help, but how can she make her friend feel better?
After much digging, Camp Leader shows the campers a time capsule filled with amazing things left by campers from long ago. Now Odo wants to bury something that will show birds of the future what Forest Camp is like for him.
When Odo and Doodle accidentally eat the seed cake that Dad was going to give to Mum as an anniversary surprise, it's up to Odo to keep Mum busy while Dad bakes a new cake.
Odo has convinced Camp Leader to leave Pigeon Post in charge of the camp for the day. Now the campers are out of control - the birds are covered in paint, whooping and dancing, and they've invaded Camp Leader's hut.
Doodle doesn't like to let anybody down, so she says 'yes' to everyone. But this means she misses her favourite song on the radio. Odo teaches Doodle how to say 'no'.
Odo needs a feather from a Golden Eagle to complete his collection.
Odo's missed out on snacks, his boat has broken and his new hat has fallen apart - today is nothing but bad luck. Doodle suggests a four leaf clover will give Odo good luck so they go on a quest.