Odo catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 21 - Super Snail

3.0 6 x
Odo is thrilled to be looking after Eaglet's pet snail. Odo has always wanted a pet and if he can prove he's a good snail-carer, maybe he can have a pet. But the snail is feisty - caring for it is going to be tricky.

Season 1, Episode 19 - Stuck In A Hut

3.0 3 x
Odo follows Scuttle, his beetle pal and accidentally gets locked in Camp Leader's hut with Rosie and Flo. While they wait to be rescued, Odo keeps their spirits up using a ping pong ball and a tin of peaches.

Season 1, Episode 18 - Super Owl!

3.0 4 x
After reading his comic book about a super bird, Odo spends the day wearing a cape and rescuing those in need. But when Doodle gets in trouble, and Odo loses his cape, Odo discovers that he can still be super.

Season 1, Episode 17 - Tall Tails

4.0 5 x
The big birds are having fun on the Elite Jungle Adventure Challenge - an obstacle course that only tall birds with long legs can play on.

Season 1, Episode 16 - Sleepover

4.0 7 x
Odo is hosting a sleepover! He invites Doodle and all the other little birds, planning to stay up all night together like real owls!

Season 1, Episode 15 - The Biscuit Pincher

3.0 5 x
In Forest Camp, the campers are identifying animal tracks using magnifying glasses - but Odo has forgotten his book bag and doesn't have any paper.

Season 1, Episode 14 - Pond Life

3.0 3 x
The campers are pond skimming: dipping their nets into the water to see what kind of small creatures they can find and noting it in their memory books.

Season 1, Episode 12 - Fear Of Flying

4.0 6 x
Today, Camp Leader is giving flying lessons. Campers must climb up the slide, listen for the HONK, then slide down and flap their wings to land on the mark.

Season 1, Episode 39 - After The Storm

3.0 8 x
Forest Camp looks very different after 'The Big Storm'. One of Odo's favourite trees has fallen down. But it's worse for Michael the mouse, his home has been swept away and Odo promises to help him find somewhere new to live.

Season 1, Episode 38 - Martin

4.0 4 x
When a migratory bird named Martin is accidentally separated from his flock, Odo and Doodle make him feel at home in forest camp.