Olympians Off The Record


Sat 21 May, Anna Meares

3.0 29 x
We know she is tough - she came back from a broken neck. We know she is the greatest - she has won more world titles than any other female cyclist. But what drives Anna Meares?

Sat 30 Jul, Boomers Uluru Special

3.0 21 x
In this episode, basketballer Luc Longley goes off the record with Bruce McAvaney to share his best moments, from winning three NBA championships to playing for the Australian Boomers.

Sat 16 Jul, Jessica Fox

3.5 45 x
Jessica Fox's run to Rio will be an entirely different story- one that she shares with Bruce McAvaney in this episode.

Sat 9 Jul, Dylan Alcott & Ellie Cole

3.0 62 x
Dylan Alcott and Ellie Cole, two enigmatic young Australians, share their story with Bruce McAvaney in a special episode of Paralympians.

Sat 2 Jul, Cate & Bronte Campbell

3.0 106 x
In this extraordinary interview for Olympians: Off the Record, Cate and Bronte Campbell reveal a heartrending layer of the Campbell family story, and what motivates them for Rio 2016.

Sat 25 Jun, Lauren Jackson

3.0 48 x
Lauren Jackson takes stock on her illustrious basketball career in a raw and emotional interview with Jackson led the Opals to Olympic medals from 2000 to 2012, but injury extinguished the Rio dream.

Sat 18 Jun, Cadel Evans

3.0 173 x
Sat 18 Jun, Cadel Evans of Olympians Off The Record was broadcast by Seven on Saturday 18 June 2016 at 14:21.

Sat 4 June, Geoff Huegill

3.0 53 x
In candid interviews with Bruce McAveny, 12 Australian olympians reveal what happens when there are no personal bests left to chase and what, if anything, replaces the euphoria of elite sport.

Sat 28 May, Nova Peris

3.0 21 x
We know the name Nova Peris, but how much do we really know about this extraordinary Australian who has been a pioneer on the hockey pitch, the athletics track and in Australian Parliament?

Sat 14 May, Matthew Mitcham

3.0 55 x
In this tell-all interview with Bruce McAvaney, Matthew Mitcham shares his defining moments, and the devastating struggles.