On The Edge

Full episodes

Ep8 - Sad Love

3.0 0 x
The girls reveal their sexual abuse stories and the boys gather separately to learn how a woman should be treated.

S1 Ep7 - The Gathering (Part 2 Of 2)

3.0 0 x
It is Courtneys birthday and everyone celebrates with indigenous elder, Aunty Lila. A neighbouring camp of girls have a dance off with the On The Edge kids.

S1 Ep6 - The Gathering (Part 1 Of 2)

3.0 0 x
The teenagers go to Challenge Ranch for an overnight camp in the bush. They overcome their fears of the Flying Fox. Fran conducts a self analysis exercise and the results are explosive.

S1 Ep5 - You Can't Touch This

3.0 0 x
The teenagers learn the art of graffiti and how to crump and rap. Alan comes to terms with his abandonment and Karla is teased over her relationship.

S1 Ep4 - Happy Holidays

3.0 0 x
Everyone sets off for a vacation in NSW Central Coast. They stay at an upmarket hotel for the first time. Tensions explode when the girls compete for room-mates.
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