One Deadly Mistake

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Season 1
Petty Officer Amanda Snell is found dead in her room on the base; NCIS is split as to whether her death was an accident or foul play.
Detectives in Florida are working to identify the body of a young woman found floating in a river.
When a single mother's car is found abandoned on a lonely stretch of highway in Illinois, detectives are forced to turn to forensic evidence to piece together her disappearance.
When a free-spirited young woman is found murdered in her kitchen, police have no shortage of suspects; detectives realize the clue that leads to her killer is hidden in plain sight.
Investigators in Prince George's County, Md., are chasing a brutal killer who is targeting mothers and daughters; their investigation brings them face to face with a predator.
After the battered body of a young woman is found dumped at a landfill in Lubbock, Texas, detectives race to collect evidence hidden in acres of trash.
The murder of a college student may go unsolved until a second crime puts detectives on the heels of a serial killer. Police then turn to the killer's patterns for clues.
Kathy Blair is found stabbed to death in her bedroom in Texas; the gruesome crime scene puzzles investigators until an unlikely clue.