Outdoors Indoors


Coastal Plants

3.0 7 x
Kim gets a 101 on a adding a bathroom, Jacqui has the indoor windows covered, Derek spends time with a very special group of people and horses and we check out top coastal plants.
Episodes 2019

Episode 6 (Walkerville Wesleyan Cemetery)

4.0 6 x
This week, Kim is taken on a spooky tour of a historic graveyard, Derek checks in at a pet friendly hotel, Jacqui designs a funky bathroom and Simone shows which simple kitchen product is so useful around the home.

Episode 5 (Episode 5)

3.0 7 x
Outdoors Indoors give you the best tips for in and around your home. From gardening to pets, home-styling and gadget reviews. Hosted by Kim Syrus.

Episode 4 (Holla-Fresh & Bio Gro)

4.0 5 x
Kim heads to the Limestone coast where herbs and recycling mix perfectly, Derek spends time with SA Police dogs, Simone shake, shake, shakes on some well-known flavour and Jacqui creates a stylish living centrepiece.

Episode 2 (Two Gulfs Crab)

4.5 9 x
Kim spends time with a fisherman who's special catch lives in our 2 gulfs, Ally settles in at one of the Coonawarra's best known wineries, Simone shows off some simple and easy cleaning tips and much more.

Episode 1 (Series Return)

3.0 11 x
Kim meets a most interesting and engaging traveller, Jacqui makes ironing out a few wrinkles so easy, Simone shows off a vacuum with plenty of grunt and Derek finds out what it takes to adopt a pet.