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Party Of Five

Bailey loyalty to his football teammates places him in jeopardy

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Season 1
Bailey develops a crush on Kirsten; Julia strives to be popular; Claudia searches for the Salinger's long lost grandfather.
Five children orphaned by their parent's fatal auto accident seek to make their way in San Francisco.
Bailey is shocked by Jill's death. Ross' homosexuality threatens his adoption of a little girl.
Just as Charlie finds a new apartment, he's needed more than ever at home.
As Charlie tries getting some time or himself, the pressures of being the head of the household mount.
The family is thrown into turmoil when Charlie is offered a job in Seattle.
On the eve of Claudia's birthday, Bailey heads to Los Angeles to find Jill.
Bailey and Claudia each struggle to help friends in need, while Julia falls in love with an old friend.
As aftershocks rock their home, Bailey discovers Jill is using drugs. Charlie regrets accepting a loan from Kirsten, and Julia comes between Libby and her boyfriend.
The Salingers each face problems with their friends and lovers.
Sparks fly when Charlie moves Kirsten in without consulting his siblings. Julia uncovers evidence that heir mother may have had an affair.
As Claudia and Julia each face the challenges of growing up. Charlie proposes to Kirsten, while Bailey finds himself in a relationship based solely on sex.
Bailey learns a secret about Kate. Julia and Claudia each try keeping secrets from prospective boyfriends. A personal crisis prompts Kirsten to turn to Charlie.
Keeping too many secrets from each other threatens the Salinger's future together.
The release of the drunk driver who killed their parents divides the family.
The arrival of an old family friend disrupts the Salinger household.
Bailey and Kate disagree over sex. Charlie sets out to impress a potential employer. Claudia's success goes to her head and Julia struggles in school.
Charlie's infidelity jeopardizes his relationship with Kirsten. Bailey's preoccupation with Kate angers Claudia.
Bailey tries to impress Kate's father. Charlie balks at the constant comparisons with his own dad.