Pete Versus Life

July 2014

Series 2 Episode 6 Bonkers Girlfriend (Final)

3.0 123 x
Pete's girlfriend believes in UFOs. He later discovers that his old girlfriend Chloe is dating his nemesis Jake, and when he starts teaching children football he finds Jake's nephew is a better player than him. CAST: Dan Ings

Series 2 Episode 5 Veteran

3.0 110 x
To impress new girlfriend Mel, Pete claims he has been in the army. Unfortunately for Pete, her brother, Tom, is a genuine veteran. Pete also fails to mention to Mel that he ran over her cat. CAST: Rafe Spall
June 2014

Series 2 Episode 4 Mamma Mia

3.0 127 x
Pete wins some tickets to see Mama Mia on stage. After 'acquiring' a leather jacket from outside a charity shop, he manages to finds a date, Helene. However, his ensuing escapades create the usual chaos. CAST: Rafe Spall

Series 2 Episode 3 Tennis Player

3.0 144 x
Pete gets a job in a chicken-packing factory, but things look up when an article he has written criticising Britain's seventh best tennis player, is accepted by a national newspaper. CAST: Rafe Spall

Series 2 Episode 2 Frank Leaves Noreen

3.0 87 x
Pete is back with his old girlfriend, Chloe. His dad decides that he and Pete's mother should have a break from each other so he turns up on Pete's doorstep to stay for a while. CAST: Philip Jackson
May 2014

Series 2 Episode 1 Mum's Cleaner

3.0 134 x
It's double trouble for sports journalist Pete Griffiths when he is accused of kidnapping an old lady's dog, and pretending to be a heroin addict to try and impress a female Polish cleaner. CAST: Philip Jackson

Series 1 Episode 5 Ollie's Girlfriend (Final)

3.0 145 x
Ollie's girlfriend Trish takes a shine to Pete and gets him a job on 'Sick As A Parrot', a magazine run by her boss Giles. However, the job is dependent on Giles believing Pete and Trish are a couple. CAST: Reece Ritchie

Series 1 Episode 4 Marriage Of Convenience

3.0 134 x
After accidentally causing Anna's father to have a heart attack Pete decides to turn his life around. His first 'altruistic' act is to allow Kurt to talk him into marriage. CAST: Pippa Duffy, Rafe Spall, Chris Geere

Series 1 Episode 3 Older Woman

2.0 285 x
Pete meets Ros, an attractive older lady at an art auction and they hit it off. But Pete soon realises being a 'toy boy' has its complications. CAST: Rafe Spall, Caroline Langrishe

Series 1 Episode 2 Frankoo

3.0 92 x
Pete goes to a party where Jake, a friend but also a rival, reveals an intimate detail about his sex life. Pete promises to keep it a secret and then proceeds to tell everyone. CAST: Rafe Spall, Daniel Ings