Pixel Pinkie

November 2016

Season 2, Episode 32 (Ninja Nina)

3.0 67 x
Nina is distracted by the thought of pairing up with Max in the school Martial Arts tournament and accidentally tells him she's a black belt.

Season 2, Episode 31 (Trading Places)

3.0 34 x
After yet another wish goes haywire, Nina suggests she could do better than Pixel Pinkie in the complicated business of granting wishes. Pixel Pinkie takes her up on the challenge and the two swap identities.
October 2016

Season 2, Episode 27 (Finding Nina)

3.0 44 x
Nina worries she's becoming predictable and decides to try some things she wouldn't ordinarily do - a shop-a-thon with Suzi, rocking out with Vincent's band and acting in CJ's short film, all on top of basketball practice.

Season 2, Episode 52 (The Final Countdown)

3.5 85 x
Nina discovers that according to the genie rules she only has nineteen more wishes left before Pixel Pinkie has to move on to a new phone. To prevent Pixel Pinkie from leaving Nina tries not to make any more wishes.

Season 2, Episode 50 (Phone Tag)

3.0 49 x
Nina's school bag breaks and she's forced to borrow Zeph's old bag. Nina wishes for a new bag and ends up with the same bag as Suzi, Nicki and Emily. Then disaster strikes when Nina puts her phone in Nicki's bag by mistake.

Season 2, Episode 49 (The 'b' Word)

3.0 19 x
Nina wishes she could get as excited about cheerleading as Pixel Pinkie does and the wish is granted. But now whenever someone mentions the word 'basketball', Nina is compelled to perform a gymnastic cheerleader routine.

Season 2, Episode 48 (Rebel Yell)

3.0 87 x
Nina doesn't seem to be able to cheer her up Anni after she gets an F and wishes that Anni would be more relaxed about school, so Pixel Pinkie grants the wish. Unfortunately Anni becomes a little too relaxed about school.

Season 2, Episode 37 (Pixel Punkie)

3.0 46 x
It's Pixel Pinkie's birthday and Nina is finding her a bit of a handful. She wishes there was someone else for Pixel Pinkie to play with and the wish results in the arrival of Pixel Punkie, another genie.
September 2016

Season 2, Episode 36 (Bad Hair Day)

3.0 53 x
It's school photo day and Nina wakes up with a bad case of bed hair. After conventional methods fail Nina is forced to seek Pixel Pinkie's help to fix the problem.

Season 2, Episode 35 (Uncoolest Luke)

3.0 43 x
After the Plenty Bagpipe Orchestra pulls out of a school fundraiser for their new basketball court, Nina and Anni must come up with a crowd-pleasing act to sell some tickets.