S5 Ep8 - B.B.Q.

3.0 217 x
BBQ - While his mama is interstate, Bobo organises a barbeque to celebrate his engagement to his ex-porn star girlfriend Ruby. Meanwhile, Bobo's gay Italian cousin Santino comes to visit from Italy and soon develops a crush on DJ BJ. And when Habib ...

S5 Ep7 - Cracker

2.5 135 x
Cracker - In response to a new Government ban on fire crackers and new working for tips laws, the pizza shop workers suffer more grief than usual. Habib sets off all his old crackers before the ban is enforced, Davo is arrested for robbing a servic...

S5 Ep6 - Doctor

3.0 119 x
Doctor - During an argument over roaches on Bobo's pizzas, Bobo accidentally bites off Rocky's finger. Both are sent to Hashfield Hospital for treatment, but because Pauly has bashed all the doctors, there is no-one left to help them. Meanwhile at t...

S5 Ep5 - Beach Pizza Part 2

3.0 183 x
Beach Pizza (Part 2) - After causing the Cronulla riots and bashing radio shock jock Allen Ford Jones, Pauly and Junior are deported to Coconut Island. But the department of immigration makes a mistake and they are sent to Crocodile Island instead. ...

Ep4 - Beach Pizza Part 1

3.0 190 x
Beach Pizza (Part 1) - Bobo has a day off and goes to Cronulla beach with his ex-porn star girlfriend Ruby. The day explodes into mayhem as pizza deliveries go wrong and Habib and Rocky accidentally start a riot with lifesavers. The media then inter...

Ep3 - Melbourne Cup

3.0 235 x
Melbourne Cup - Bobo holds a Melbourne Cup lunch at Fat Pizza. Everything goes wrong, from bad food to power failures, and the obese customers are unhappy at the lack of food and alcohol promised. Meanwhile, Habib tries to rig the Melbourne Cup. (Co...

Ep2 - Law And Order

3.0 86 x
Law & Order - A sniffer dog is stolen from the local police station. Who did it? Was it Davo using the dog to find drugs? Was it Habib or Bobo? Only a serious investigation by Hashfield Valley's finest will uncover the truth. An episode that parodie...

Ep1 - Carwash

3.0 294 x
Carwash - Bobo does an insurance job on his old Fat Pizza pizzeria and buys a new shop in Hashfield Valley, but because business is so bad he is forced to turn the shop into a pizzeria café carwash, which proves profitable with the onsite presence o...