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S1 Ep3 - A380 Superjumbo 46:07

S1 Ep3 - A380 Superjumbo

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A380 Superjumbo - The Airbus A380; the largest airliner in history. As tall as a 7 story building and certified to carry over 850 passengers, it dwarfs even it nearest rival. But getting the world’s only Super Jumbo into the skies was a gargantuan challenge in itself, taking nearly 20 yea...
S1 Ep2 - D C 3 46:05

S1 Ep2 - D C 3

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D C 3 - The DC-3 was a linchpin of global air travel; the first plane to make airlines a profit and a war hero to boot. An aircraft that rose from the ashes of a headline-making crash and a failed business idea to become the holy grail of aviation design. This is the remarkable story of t...
S1 Ep1 - S R 71 Blackbird 46:07

S1 Ep1 - S R 71 Blackbird

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S R 71 Blackbird - This new series features the fascinating stories of three of the most important commercial aircraft ever to take to the skies. This premiere episode tells the story of how visionary geniuses from the top-secret Skunk Works, rewrote the rule-book to create a plane that w...
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