Poh's Kitchen Lends A Hand


Season 3, Episode 1 (Streat)

4.0 3 x
Poh joins a community program giving Melbourne's homeless youth a chance to receive training in street cafes. STREAT helps these inspiring young adults find their feet and their dignity in life.

Season 3, Episode 6 (Cambodia)

3.0 6 x
Poh travels to Cambodia to help Aussie, Scott Neeson, who is working with the children of the notorious garbage dump Steung Meanchey in Phnom Penh. It is to become a life changing adventure. (Final)

Season 3, Episode 5 (Operation Flinders)

4.0 31 x
Poh packs her rucksack and pulls on her walking boots to lend a hand to Operation Flinders, a wilderness therapy program that helps transform the lives of young people at risk.

Season 3, Episode 4 (Kinglake)

4.0 6 x
Poh visits Kinglake, the Victorian town almost wiped out during the 2009 Black Saturday fires. Food is being used to heal and bring the community together and Poh helps the youth group christen its new communal kitchen.
Episodes 2016

Season 3, Episode 3 (Fred's Van)

4.5 8 x
In Australia, over 100,000 people sleep rough and Poh is about to meet and cook for the homeless in Adelaide. Every night the volunteers at Fred's Van feed those down on their luck and Poh is challenged to create a new menu.

Season 3, Episode 2 (Bedford)

4.0 8 x
Poh and a team of cooks with disabilities are given a big challenge when they become responsible for planning, baking and serving a wedding cake.