Prank Patrol Road Trip


Season 3, Episode 22 (Accidental Agent)

3.0 91 x
Josh joins Prank Patrol and his mission is to make his friend Akina think that they have accidentally tapped into a top secret website when they visit his cousin Jimmy's office and have a go with his virtual reality helmets.

Season 3, Episode 21 (Fashion Fiasco)

3.0 83 x
Our prankster, Katie, has a crush on a guy called Aran. At least that's what she's told her friend Jess. When the girls go to help out at Aran's parents' vintage clothing store the Prank Patrol team springs into action.

Season 3, Episode 20 (Dog Gone Disaster)

3.0 33 x
When our prankster Lily invites her best friend Caitlin to help dog sit, the girls find themselves in charge of a VIP pooch... Bonnie, the precious pup of pop princess Lady Gaga.

Season 3, Episode 19 (Fortune Teller)

4.0 142 x
Paul joins the Prank Patrol Road Trip. His mission is to convince his friend Josh that he's had a curse placed on him by a mystical fortune-telling machine!

Season 3, Episode 18 (Bad News Bakery)

3.0 82 x
Our prankster Nichola asks her best friend Grace to help out in a family friend's bakery. But tasty treats aren't the only thing that Nichola and champion baker Brian are cooking up.
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