Public Morals (2015)

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Public Morals (2015)

Mr. O's wake brings together Muldoon and the west side Irish Mob, where Muldoon and Patton agree to meet and discuss the case.

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Season 1
Muldoon is tasked by his Aunt Kay to find the person behind his uncle, Mr. O's murder. When Joe Patton, the head of the west side Irish Mob, discovers who killed Mr. O, he demands answers.
Muldoon juggles various situation, including warning his gangster uncle Mr. O not to challenge the head of the west side Irish Mob and schooling the new recruit Jimmy Shea.
The streets of Hell's Kitchen run red with the blood of the Irish Mafia, as the West Side War comes to a head. Muldoon treats Christine to a night on the town.
Muldoon gets a surprising tip that may help him put away Rusty, but his plan to take it to Patton backfires. Patton is officially done with Rusty and starts making moves against him.
Muldoon must make a final decision about whether Shea should be in Public Morals and puts him to the test to see if he is worthy. Rusty and Kay finally spend some much anticipated alone time together.
Muldoon juggles tensions at home with Christine and the kids, warns Latucci about his relationship with the Moose, while also pursuing the Pattons.
While looking for Smitty's killer, Muldoon and Bullman find themselves in the line of fire. Deirdre and Sean realize they are not on the same page, and Duffy and Barbara have a fun drunken night out.
Rusty takes revenge after discovering his two soldiers, Rogers and O'Reilly, have been murdered. Muldoon needs to step in when Latucci's friendship with a well-known Italian Mobster is questioned.
Muldoon and Vince Latucci take their wives on a double date using the perks of the job to have a night on the town. Shea is partnered for the night with O'Bannon.