Q+A Highlights

Season 14

Season 14, Episode 4 - Spotlight On Aged Care

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There were few dry eyes in the house on Q+A, as Hamish Macdonald and the panel discussed the confronting realities for Australians living in aged care. Plus dealng with early onset dementia and the Culture in Canberra.

Season 14, Episode 3 - Bargaining With Big Tech

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Should governments reign in the might of the tech sector? Will a proposed Media Code support traditional news outlets? Has the spread of conspiracies and online extremism corrupted democracy and how much is big tech to blame?

Season 14, Episode 2

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A vaccine could be our most powerful weapon in the fight against COVID-19. So when will it be available? Who will get priority and how will it change the way we live, work and travel? Is our national strategy the right one?

Season 14, Episode 1

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Australian of the Year Grace Tame on empowering survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to Speak Out; Tanya Hosch on Systemic Racism in the AFL; How Do We End the Australia Day Debate? Presented by Hamish Macdonald.