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Season 15

Season 15, Episode 40 - 2022 Finale: Respect And Understanding

4.0 112 x
In what's been a tumultuous 12 months, we've seen war, floods, cost-of-living pressures and a change in government. What lessons can we take from 2022? How have we changed and what does the year ahead hold? (Final for 2022)

Season 15, Episode 39 - The Value Of Ndis

3.0 15 x
The government says the cost of the NDIS is blowing out, but how do we put a price on supporting people with disabilities?

Season 15, Episode 38 - Power, Politics, And The Spectre Of War

4.0 12 x
Against the backdrop of the G20 Summit, the Q+A panel discuss the Prime Minister's meeting with Xi Jinping, Putin's war plans, Donald Trump, and the World Cup in Qatar.

Season 15, Episode 37

4.0 15 x
How fragile is our democracy? With cyber-crime on the rise, politicians and their families coming under violent attack and existential threats looming, how can we protect ourselves and our society? Presented by David Speers.

Season 15, Episode 36 - Treasurer Jim Chalmers

4.0 14 x
Who is the man who holds our economic future in his hands? How will he steer the nation through this period of economic volatility? Treasurer Jim Chalmers joins Q+A for a one-on-one special.

Season 15, Episode 35 - Budget Special From Canberra

3.0 16 x
Q+A answers your questions about the Albanese Government's first Budget. Households are hurting and there are warnings that the outlook is only getting worse with inflation soaring and global financial markets in turmoil.

Season 15, Episode 34 - Climate Targets, Floods And Taxes

4.0 2 x
The Q+A panel discuss Australia's place in greener world, the floods that have devastated communities across the country, and the increasing cost of tax cuts.

Season 15, Episode 33

3.0 10 x
How can communities make change? It's easy to feel powerless in the face of big business, climate change and natural disasters but what can people do to take back control? Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich is on the panel.

Season 15, Episode 32 - Navigating A Volatile World

4.0 56 x
With inflation and interest rates climbing and a global recession looming, is more economic pain on the horizon? As the gap between rich and poor grows starker, are our laws and policy measures up to the challenges we face?

Season 15, Episode 31 - Corruption, Sport And Big Corporates: Who Can We Trust?

4.0 12 x
Stan Grant and the panel discuss the long-awaited federal anti-corruption commission, the Optus data breach, and the shocking allegations of racism in the AFL.