Q+A Highlights

Season 14

Season 14, Episode 33 - A Trip To The Future: A Q+a Science Special

3.0 4 x
Q+A takes a trip to the future to ask what comes next. Some of Australia's finest scientific minds discuss COVID, healthcare and the Melbourne protests, mandatory vaccination plus AI, autonomous weapons and the future of war.

Season 14, Episode 32 - A Tale Of Two Cities

3.0 8 x
Stan Grant is joined by a panel to discuss communities divided by COVID restrictions in Sydney and around Australia, as well as the AUKUS pact for nuclear submarines and the ongoing debate around diversity in Parliament.

Season 14, Episode 31 - The Power Of Words

4.0 3 x
Virginia Trioli is joined by a panel of big thinkers to discuss the Prime Minister's Father's Day trip, the future of arts, the government's new vape laws and how corporations can use words to create blurred lines of meaning.

Season 14, Episode 30 - Women's Safety: Less Talk, More Action

3.5 6 x
In the lead-up to the Prime Minister's National Summit on Women's Safety, Q+A focuses on what needs to be done to better protect women and children.

Season 14, Episode 29 - The Kids Are Alright: Covid-19 And Young People

4.0 7 x
Q+A puts young people front and centre on the panel and asking questions from around the country.

Season 14, Episode 28 - The Taliban Takeover And Afghanistan's Future

4.0 6 x
The Q+A panel discuss the unfolding situation in Afghanistan, and the ramifications of the Taliban's capture of Kabul.

Season 14, Episode 27 - The Cost Of Climate And Covid

3.0 8 x
With millions of Australians in lockdown, Q+A looks at the crippling economic impact on businesses and individuals. Following the release of a landmark climate report, the panel discusses Australia's climate change response.

Season 14, Episode 26

3.0 9 x
Q+A looks beyond our locked borders to the rest of the world where life and economies are starting to open back up. What can we learn from these countries about our own pathway out of COVID?

Season 14, Episode 25 - Sending In The Army And Getting Back To Work

3.0 12 x
As Western Sydney continues to face greater lockdown restrictions, the Q+A panel discuss getting people back to work, getting the arts industry back on track, and providing some relief for business.

Season 14, Episode 24 - The Olympics And Opening Up

4.0 14 x
Libby Trickett, Russel Howcroft, David Gillespie, Bill Shorten and Astrid Edwards join the Q+A panel to discuss the Olympics, lockdowns, vaccines, and mental health during the pandemic.