Tue 15 Nov, season 2 episode 7

4.5 91 x
At the farm, Owen teaches the trainees about enhanced interrogation techniques, and turns the tables on his students by putting himself in the hot seat.

Tue 8 Nov, season 2 episode 6

4.0 46 x
At the Farm, the trainees learn their next task is to decide on a drone strike, which triggers Alex’s memories of Simon’s sacrifice. Meanwhile, Shelby and Leon’s relationship reaches the next level, and Nimah advises Alex and Ryan ...

Tue 1 Nov, season 2 episode 5

4.0 56 x
At the farm, Harry is still suspicious of Alex and Ryan, and he's determined to learn more about their plan, while Leon is recruited for a special assignment by Owen.

Tue 25 Oct, season 2 episode 4

4.0 58 x
The trainees are put through a training drill that tests their stress levels while Alex tries to gather information and get close to Owen.

Mon 17 Oct, season 2 episode 3

3.0 76 x
The new CIA recruits continue training at The Farm; in the future, Alex infiltrates the terrorist group holding everyone hostage, and is shocked to learn not everyone is a stranger.

Mon 3 Oct, season 2 episode 2

3.0 89 x
The new CIA recruits begin running counter-surveillance exercises at The Farm while Alex and Ryan navigate their new relationship with each other.

Mon 26 Sep, season 2 episode 1

3.0 251 x
While training at the CIA, Alex finds herself in the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens countless people around the world.

Tue 17 May, season 1 episode 22

3.0 149 x
It's graduation day for the NATS of Quantico, while, in the future, Alex and her team find themselves head-to-head with the terrorist.

Tue 10 May, season 1 episode 21

3.0 59 x
Graduation is near and the NATS prepare to leave Quantico. Later, Alex learns someone she cared about is not who they seemed, as she finds herself at the heart of another attack.

Tue 3 May, season 1 episode 20

3.0 74 x
The NATS are dispatched to various field offices where Alex and Ryan are working. In the future, Alex doesn't know who to trust after information emerges about the man she loves.
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