Queer For Short


Cherry Season

4.0 0 x
Summer has arrived in Shantelle’s hometown of Young, NSW. Between stacking the shelves with cherries and scrolling through women on her feed, there doesn’t appear to be much going on in Shantelle’s life to keep her there. But when she discovers her wayward teenage half-sister, Tamara, posting raunchy pics online, Shantelle...
Episodes 2018

Black Lips

4.0 13 x
A lonely Chinese immigrant sells black market abalone in Sydney’s suburbs. When his supplier falls through, he has a meeting with a young man who makes him consider the limits and possibilities of his life.

Concern For Welfare

4.0 18 x
Ali is a gay Lebanese probationary constable and kicking against her Muslim brother’s controlling behaviour. When she attends a ‘concern for welfare’ and discovers the body of an elderly man who died alone and unnoticed, she realises the value of a loving family, even if they can be misguided.

Disco Dykes

4.0 29 x
Gert’s a weirdo – she’s an outcast at school, questions her own sexuality and loathes her little sister who bursts with confidence on a bad day. To make things worse, Gert’s mum Sal has decided, since leaving her husband, that she’d like to have a girlfriend. When Tex, Sal’s new girlfriend, rolls into town in her decked ou...

Joy Boy

3.0 15 x
Based on a true story. In fact, all of it happened. One way or another. 6-year-old Jonny is preparing to give the performance of a lifetime; a private rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’. At first elated, Jonny receives a lacklustre response. We then meet a grown Jonny, now a young minister for a ‘...