Raise The Roof

March 2017

Ep 7 Craftsman Bungalow Pop Top

4.0 67 x
An investor brings Keith a promising flip prospect that another builder started but abandoned in the early stages of demolition. Its an early 20th Century Craftsman bungalow with an unfinished basement and a classic Craftsman style interior.

Ep 6 Colorful Victorian Remodel

3.0 60 x
A chef and his wife feel cramped in their 100 year old Victorian cottage with no master suite and an outdated kitchen. Keith adds a stylish master suite, creates a modern kitchen and gives the unique exterior a bright new face.

Ep 5 Bungalow Gets a Spanish Makeover

4.0 49 x
Keith turns a bland brick bungalow into a stunning Spanish style mansion. He excavates the basement to provide more headroom knocks down the back wall to extend the house and turns the dated boxy interior into a modern open light filled space.
February 2017

Ep 4 Sinking Home to Dream Home

4.0 30 x
Keith pays a premium for a house on a huge corner lot but quickly runs into trouble when he finds a giant sinkhole under one bedroom.

Ep 3 Ripping Off the Rook Makes Room for Baby

3.0 47 x
A Denver couple with two young boys is expecting a new baby and they need more room in their 100 year old house. Keith rips off the roof and adds a dormer giving them a new master suite nursery and a fun bedroom for the boys.

Ep 2 Third Floor's a Charm?

3.0 55 x
Keith wants to flip a century old Craftsman bungalow in Denver but it needs something special to overcome the downside of its location on a busy street.

Ep 1 1920 Bungalow Gets 2nd Story

3.0 63 x
Keith plans to flip a 917 square foot two bedroom one bath bungalow in a fast growing neighborhood in Denver Colorado. Because the house was built in 1920 the home has small rooms and limited living space compared to modern homes in the area.