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S3 Ep6 - The Source 49:53

S3 Ep6 - The Source

Expired 3.0 225 x
In this emotional season finale, Janet and Daniel undertake a road trip to Nashville with a detour to the Georgia shore; the sheriff gets a confession in the murder of Hanna Dean; Amantha has an unexpected dinner companion; and an arrest is made in the murder of George Melton.
S3 Ep5 - The Future 43:34

S3 Ep5 - The Future

Expired 4.0 137 x
Daniel attempts to repair the pool that he damaged and later; while being question by Daggett about the Florida trip with Trey.
S3 Ep3 - Sown With Salt 43:04

S3 Ep3 - Sown With Salt

Expired 4.0 168 x
Seeking clarity, Daggett reaches out to Trey, who paints Daniel as impulsive and prone to violence. Janet tells Ted, Sr. that Daniel needs money in order to start his new life. Meanwhile, Amantha attends Thrifty Town management training out of town, but during an awkward team-building exe...
S3 Ep2 - Joy Ride 43:03

S3 Ep2 - Joy Ride

Expired 1.5 176 x
Daniel finds a temporary refuge with Amantha, but her small apartment makes the new arrangement tense. Daggett discusses George Melton’s death with DA Person and reveals something that could put the investigation in jeopardy. Tawney meets with a therapist, who uncovers her growing uncerta...
S3 Ep1 - Hoorah 42:31

S3 Ep1 - Hoorah

Expired 3.5 355 x
The show tells the story of Daniel Holden (Young) who is released after serving nearly 20 years in isolation on death row, as he returns as an outsider to his family, to his community, and to the times. Somehow, he survived the mental and emotional strain of his imprisonment, but now the ...
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