Red Dwarf

Season 12

Season 12, Episode 5 - M-corp

4.0 8 x
The crew discovers their employer Jupiter Mining Corporation has been bought out by a company with unusual views on product usage. Guest starring Call the Midwife's Helen George.
Season 8

Season 8, Episode 4 (Cassandra)

3.0 7 x
On Holly's advice, Lister joins the Canaries thinking they are the prison choir, but finds that they are instead a battle-hardened convict army trained for suicide missions.

Season 8, Episode 3 (Back In The Red: Part 3)

3.0 12 x
The Cat falls in love and does an elaborate tap dance with Blue Midget to impress the girl of his dreams.

Season 8, Episode 2 (Back In The Red: Part 2)

3.0 17 x
Rimmer is invited to dinner with the captain. To make the evening go with a swing he douses himself with a sexual magnetism virus.

Season 8, Episode 1 (Back In The Red: Part 1)

3.0 1 x
The Nanobots have succeeded in recreating Red Dwarf and have populated the new ship with its old crew.
Season 7

Season 7, Episode 8 (Nanarchy)

3.0 11 x
The crew catch up with their own spaceship, 'Red Dwarf', and meet an old friend. (Final)
Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1 (Holoship)

3.0 13 x
Rimmer is transmitted to an advanced holoship crewed by an elite band of holograms. It is everything he has ever dreamed of, including sex on demand with the most beautiful women aboard.
Season 4

Season 4, Episode 6 (Meltdown)

3.0 27 x
The crew is transported to Waxworld, a giant theme park. They find themselves teaming up with history's goodies (from Elvis to Einstein) to fight the baddies (from Caligula to Hitler).

Season 4, Episode 5 (Dimension Jump)

3.0 31 x
In a universe almost identical to his own, another Arnold Rimmer exists. Very different to the wimp we know, he is a modest super-hero worshipped by men and women alike.

Season 4, Episode 4 (White Hole)

3.0 11 x
Holly leaves the crew drifting helplessly towards a white hole. Will Rimmer sacrifice his hologramatic life to save the rest of the crew? Not likely.