Regal Academy


Episode 24 (The Dragon Duel)

4.0 80 x
Rose, Hawk and the others have a new Dragon Riding Teacher, Sir George. The nearsighted old coot loves Vicky and no one else, especially Coach Beast.

Episode 19 (Hair Curse)

4.3 89 x
Thumbelina arrives at the annual campus Flower Festival with her mother, a flower that can control all the magical flowers in the Fairy Tale Land.

Episode 18 (Fairy Tales on Earth)

4.0 43 x
When Vicky's plan to be sent to Earth for an assignment backfires, all the teams are sent to Earth for class!

Episode 17 (Hawk and the Poisoned Apples)

3.0 15 x
The Evil Queen, aka Snow White's stepmother, is reformed, eager to redeem herself, and now is the new poisons teacher.

Episode 16 (Song of the Sea Witch)

4.0 104 x
Rose wants to learn to sing, because all of the great fairy tale princess could sing. Things get tricky when the Sea Witch steals Rose's voice!

Episode 13 (The Grand Ball)

4.0 33 x
It's time for the first big Ball on campus, and that means big dresses, big dancing and big dates.

Episode 12 (Pumpkins and Dragons)

3.0 19 x
Rose accidently causes Regal Academy's magic to run out and revert to its original form – a huge pumpkin patch!

Episode 7 (The Pea Princess' granddaughter)

3.0 16 x
Rose, Hawk, Astoria, Travis and Joy meet their new decorum teacher, Bea – the granddaughter of the Princess and the Pea. She's super sweet and wins everyone's heart right away. But in class, she's more like a drill sergeant!

Episode 6 (Mystery at Cinderella Castle)

3.0 92 x
Rose loves her fairy tale life at school... but not so much when she has to go home to boring old Earth after class. But as luck would have it, Vicky's latest evil plan backfires, and the Gate to Earth becomes closed.

Episode 25 (Fall of the Guardians)

4.0 32 x
It's exam time at Regal Academy, and Rose, Hawk, Travis, Astoria and Joy have special classes taught by the Guardian Dragons themselves!