Rehab Addict

March 2017

Ep 14 A Surprise for Tessa (Part 2)

3.0 38 x
Tessa's surprise home renovation gets down to the wire as Nicole and her crew race to finish before she returns.
February 2017

Ep 13 A Surprise for Tessa (Part 1)

4.0 23 x
Nicole's doing a surprise home renovation for her subcontractor Bobby and his family. Their daughter Tessa was diagnosed with cancer two years ago during a home project. Nicole finishes what the family started much to their joy.

Ep 12 Red Barn Reborn

3.0 25 x
Nicole takes on her most personal project yet her grandfathers red barn that has fallen into disrepair. She brings the barn back to life and reveals the full renovation to her grandmother and grandfather.

Ep 11 Roof Renovation Donation

4.0 22 x
Nicole helps her elderly veteran neighbour Art by making critical safety repairs to his home.

Ep 10 One Extraordinary Exterior

4.0 27 x
Nicole will stop at nothing short of perfection while renovating the exterior of her grandparents midcentury modern home.

Ep 9 The Basement Reborn

3.0 22 x
Nicole battles several sticky issues in the basement like an improperly winterized bathroom that springs a big leak. She rebuilds it even better with midcentury tile and a custom vanity. Then she creates an inviting guest suite.

Ep 8 Reclaiming the Rec Room

3.0 23 x
Nicole tackles the basement of her grandparents midcentury home. With space at a premium Nicole battles water, structural problems, dilapidated windows and poorly placed duct work to turn a neglected area into a gathering space.

Ep 7 Mid-Century Bedroom Revival

3.0 18 x
Nicole Curtis tackles all the original bedrooms in the home built by her grandparents. Will she be able to infuse life design and personality into these ruined spaces.

Ep 6 The Hearts of the Home

4.0 16 x
Nicole takes on the heart of her grandparents home the living and dining rooms. She's basing the restoration template on family photos and while fixing the fireplace is easy replacing the iconic chandelier might be impossible.

Ep 5 Apartment Refresh

3.0 32 x
Taking a break from the main house renovation Nicole tackles an apartment on her grandparents land that almost everyone has lived in. She brings this neglected space up to date with fresh paint refinished floors and wallpaper.