Restaurant: Impossible

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7. Ambush: Cray, Cray

4.6 202 x
Robert tries to save the failing Cray Eatery and Drinkery in Columbus, Ohio from its inexperienced and dismissive restaurant owner before she runs it into the ground.

4. Ambush: Stay... Or Go?

4.0 45 x
At the request of former employees, Robert heads to Ellendale's in Nashville, TN. The restaurant is run down and owner Julie's management style is ineffective.

7. Ambush, The

4.0 33 x
Chef Robert Irvine ambushes the owners of Tornatore's Pizzeria in Orlando, Florida and no one - not the owners, the design team, the crew or even Robert himself - knows what's to come.

2. Double Trouble

4.7 21 x
24-year-old Frankie is torn between his family's two Italian restaurants in Summerville, S.C. and he reaches out to Chef Robert Irvine to help him save both.

6. Dog And Pony Show

4.0 60 x
Robert Irvine arrives at the Dog and Pony Ale House in Renton. Despite the owner's wit and smarts, she's overwhelmed by a vocal group of customers and has trust issues with her staff.

1. Without A Prayer

4.0 36 x
A few years ago, Keith and Stephanie's restaurant: Mama E's Wings & Waffles in Oklahoma City was thriving but a failed attempt at opening a second location put a strain on their finances.
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13. Oleander Bar And Grill

4.2 280 x
Chef Robert Irvine heads to Olean, to meet Kelli and her daughter, Abby, owners of the Oleander Bar and Grill.

11. Whistle Stop

4.0 82 x
Chef Robert Irvine's latest mission introduces him to the Whistle Stop in Hot Springs.

12. Valley Inn

4.0 111 x
Chef Robert Irvine is in Palos Hills, to help save the Valley Inn restaurant.

10. Maple Tree Cafe

4.0 64 x
Chef Robert Irvine heads to Las Vegas to help 26-year-old Ashley save the Maple Tree Cafe.