Restoring Charleston

May 2017

Episode 8 (Charleston Cottage Curb Appeal)

4.0 84 x
For a cottage that has no curb appeal Trent rolls up his sleeves and attacks the exterior of the small historic home, removing asbestos ridden siding and replacing it with period appropriate siding and adding two porches.

Episode 7 (Raising The Roof for Room)

4.0 27 x
Trent opens up the roof of the cottage in order to add more square footage for a master bathroom. In the master bathroom he adds signature touches like an antique vanity and a unique accent to the floor.
April 2017

Episode 5 (Appleby of my Eye)

4.0 72 x
While restoring the home's exterior Trent and his crew experience an unexpected setback. Trent finds three sisters who are descendants of the family who originally built the house back in 1895 and he invites them to see the house.

Episode 3 (Sweet Master Suite)

3.0 34 x
Trent begins renovating an old bedroom into a full master suite. He adds a beautiful functional bathroom and a massive walk in closet. Trent must also determine what to do with a historic fireplace that's in ruins.

Episode 4 (Bedrooms Bats and Beadboard)

3.0 51 x
An unwanted visitor appears while Trent is gathering precious beadboard from the ceiling of the abandoned home. Trent must also figure out how to turn an old dining room into a new mudroom laundry room and bathroom.

Episode 1 (Kitchen Resurrection)

4.0 78 x
Trent begins work on an abandoned 1895 home in Charleston South Carolina. The massive house has a kitchen on the old porch. Trent tears out the kitchen and rebuilds a new one in the heart of the home.

Episode 2 (Making a Grand Entrance)

3.0 38 x
Trent tackles the front entrance and common room in a home that hasn't been lived in for over 50 years. Trent wrestles with the front doors historic hardware and attempts to expose a 100 year old fireplace.