Return To Amish

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Return To Amish

Mary heads to NYC to visit Kate and gets a bit more than she bargained for. Katie Ann returns to support Mary and clean the B&B.

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Season 2
Jeremiah visits his kids in Ohio and Katie Ann makes a big change in her life.
Kate lands a fashion show and sets up a photo-shoot with Mary's help at the B&B. Katie Ann settles into her new English life with Abe and Rebecca.
Kate saves the day when a guest arrives at the B&B. Abe helps an Amish guy into an English lifestyle. Kate and Rebecca help Mary become healthier.
Mary receives unexpected guests before the B&B opens. She puts them through a REAL Amish experience that they never anticipated.
Everyone anxiously waits for news on Mary while Kate rushes to Punxsutawney to be with her.
Will Mary's dream of running a Bed and Breakfast bring the Schmuckers emotionally together?
Mary's shunning by the Amish Church continues, due to attending Andrew's wedding. Abe and Rebecca don't feel connected to the Amish community.