Rex In Rome


S14 Ep173 - The Grey

Expired 4.0 237 x
The Grey - Inspector Rivera and Rex are after an elusive criminal called 'The Grey', but must compete with a rogue policeman who is also looking for the felon, seeking revenge for the death of his brother. Their efforts are thwarted by a mole who is...

S14 Ep172 - The Dark Side

Expired 3.0 112 x
The Dark Side - Two criminal brothers, with a grudge against Inspector Rivera, kidnap Rex and inject him with a pheromone to make him aggressive, and then use him in a series of robberies. Rex is now considered dangerous and the police are ordered t...

S14 Ep171 - A Knife Through The Heart

Expired 3.0 120 x
A Knife Through the Heart - When a girl answers a cry for help, she finds a man locked in the boot of his car along with his wife, who's been stabbed to death with a Serbian army knife. Inspector Rivera and Rex are called to investigate and focus th...

S14 Ep170 - Blackout

Expired 3.0 156 x
Blackout - A boy is shot dead in a hotel room and a girl falls out of a window from the same room. She's still alive but the trauma has caused her a total memory loss. Inspector Rivera has to rely on forensic evidence and Rex's help to track down th...

S14 Ep169 - Two Men And A Baby

Expired 3.7 134 x
Two Men and a Baby - When Rivera and Rex are called to investigate a double murder case, they find a baby girl inside a van. This leads them to uncover an illegal adoption racket, secretly run by a non-profit adoption agency. While trying to solve...
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