Rex In Rome

April 2015

S14 Ep173 - The Grey

Expired 4.0 239 x
The Grey - Inspector Rivera and Rex are after an elusive criminal called 'The Grey', but must compete with a rogue policeman who is also looking for the felon, seeking revenge for the death of his brother. Their efforts are thwarted by a mole who is...

S14 Ep172 - The Dark Side

Expired 3.0 114 x
The Dark Side - Two criminal brothers, with a grudge against Inspector Rivera, kidnap Rex and inject him with a pheromone to make him aggressive, and then use him in a series of robberies. Rex is now considered dangerous and the police are ordered t...

S14 Ep171 - A Knife Through The Heart

Expired 3.0 120 x
A Knife Through the Heart - When a girl answers a cry for help, she finds a man locked in the boot of his car along with his wife, who's been stabbed to death with a Serbian army knife. Inspector Rivera and Rex are called to investigate and focus th...

S14 Ep170 - Blackout

Expired 3.0 158 x
Blackout - A boy is shot dead in a hotel room and a girl falls out of a window from the same room. She's still alive but the trauma has caused her a total memory loss. Inspector Rivera has to rely on forensic evidence and Rex's help to track down th...
March 2015

S14 Ep169 - Two Men And A Baby

Expired 3.7 137 x
Two Men and a Baby - When Rivera and Rex are called to investigate a double murder case, they find a baby girl inside a van. This leads them to uncover an illegal adoption racket, secretly run by a non-profit adoption agency. While trying to solve...

S14 Ep168 - Blood Ties

Expired 3.0 111 x
Blood Ties - A politician speaking at a rally in support of tough laws to constrain the power of the banks is shot. The supposed assassin, an Arab, is quickly located by a bodyguard and also shot dead. Forensic evidence, however, points elsewhere, a...

S14 Ep167 - The Intruder

Expired 3.3 121 x
The Intruder - Inspector Rivera and Rex go to a charity event in a wealthy man’s villa, only to become trapped in a hostage situation. A group of masked men hold the party guests hostage demanding the combination of a safe. But the host has escaped ...

S14 Ep166 - A Voice In The Crowd

Expired 3.0 113 x
A Voice in the Crowd - The illegitimate daughter of a wealthy man becomes the target of her half-sister's plot to kill her to avoid sharing her father's inheritance. Not knowing why she has been targeted, the girl goes into hiding. Meanwhile, Inspec...
February 2015

S14 Ep165 - Time Heals No Wounds

Expired 3.0 78 x
Time Heals No Wounds - When a young labourer falls to his death at a building site, Inspector Rivera and Rex suspect foul play. They soon discover that he had been the toy boy of the rich widow who owns the site, until he had fallen in love with he...

S14 Ep164 - A Near Perfect Murder

Expired 3.0 113 x
The Almost Perfect Crime - When a man is found dead in his private sauna, Inspector Rivera and Rex investigate the suspicious circumstances in which the sauna door was jammed shut, causing the man to suffer a heat-induced heart attack. Soon Rivera f...