Richard Hammond: Engineering Connections


May 2, 2014

3.3 92 x
Space Shuttle - Richard Hammond explores the ingenious design secrets of NASA's space shuttle. He demonstrates the cooling system that keeps the shuttle's engines from exploding, uses a wall of water to guard against the destructive power of sound w...

January 8, 2014

3.0 44 x
Bullet Train - Richard Hammond reveals the surprising inspirations behind some of the design features of Japan's bullet train, the world's first high-speed locomotive. He discovers how techniques used by ancient chariot racers help the train travel ...

December 25, 2013

3.0 45 x
The Earthquake Proof Bridge - Richard Hammond discovers how engineers drew inspiration from unlikely sources to make a 3km bridge across the Gulf of Corinth in Greece earthquake-proof. Design features from ring-pulls, hammocks, toboggans and steel c...

December 18, 2013

3.0 53 x
Super Tanker - Richard Hammond explores the technological innovations that have made it possible for huge tankers to safely carry enough liquefied natural gas to power a city the size of London for a week without risk of explosions. He also demonstr...

December 11, 2013

3.0 56 x
Formula One - Richard Hammond explores the design secrets of Formula One cars, discovering the features they have in common with cannons, ancient sails, jet engines and body armour. He learns how these innovations help propel the racing machines to ...

December 4, 2013

3.0 46 x
Burj Al Arab - Richard Hammond explores the design secrets of the world's tallest and most distinctively shaped hotel, the 320-metre-high Burj Al Arab, which is located on a custom-built island off the shore of Dubai. He discovers how engineers tack...
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