Richard Hammond's Miracles Of Nature

January 2018

S1 Ep3 - Super-Powers

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Richard Hammond concludes his look at miracles in the natural world by discovering some incredible animal super-powers. Creatures that can create slime as strong as steel, survive massive extremes of temperature or even turn invisible. Animal super-powers that have inspired scientists and engineers to create brand new human inventions that could change the way we live. He discovers how the husky's paw can help American footballers; how a strange eel-like creature with a skull but no skeleton mi...

S1 Ep2 - Super-Senses

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Richard Hammond continues his exploration of weird and wonderful animal abilities by focusing on super-senses, and discovers how those same animal senses have inspired some unlikely human inventions. Richard gets buried in a Californian gold mine, attempts to talk to a rattlesnake by telephone, and is taken for a ride by a monster truck that drives itself. Along the way, he encounters elephants who can talk to each other through solid rock; seals who use their whiskers to sense the shape, size,...
December 2017

S1 Ep1 - Super-Bodies

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How do rattlesnakes use a sixth sense to see beyond the visible world? How can a flamingo live in a caustic lake that would dissolve human flesh? How has the shell of a mollusc inspired the toughest bullet-proof material known to man? In this series Richard Hammond reveals the super-powers that animals have evolved in the natural world and how they can outshine the best that modern science and engineering has to offer. Spectacular experiments bring Richard comes face-to-face with the animals an...