Richard Hammond's Wild Weather

October 2017

S1 Ep3 - Temperature, The Driving Force

Expired 1.5 18 x
In the final episode, Richard Hammond investigates the crucial role temperature plays in all weather. Richard sets off to find out about hot air with the help of a quarry and a massive hot plate discovers just why it is so hard to pull a sword out of snow. He discovers, by building his own massive dust storm just how sand ...
September 2017

S1 Ep2 - Water, The Shape Shifter

Expired 3.0 9 x
Richard Hammond investigates the crucial role water plays, in all its forms. He tries to weigh a cloud, finds out how rain could crush a car and gets involved in starting an avalanche. Along the way, he tries to find out why clouds float by building his own cloud. He also drops in on renowned hail scientist Charles Knight ...

S1 Ep1 - Wind, The Invisible Force

Expired 3.0 11 x
Richard Hammond travels literally to the ends of the earth in this new groundbreaking series to experience, explain and understand the science of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet and their effects and particular dangers. Using a wide range of new and specially invented technology and innovative, exciting e...