Road Hauks

February 2020

6. Loco Hauk

4 x
Kenny and his crew take start building the Loco Hauk, the world's first steam-powered 6x6 Jeep. Meanwhile, to blow off some steam, the guys pimp out Rick's ATV before their annual shop-wide race.

1. Tomahauk

23 x
Kenny and the team at Hauk Designs set out to build a WW2-themed rock crawler from the ashes of a wrecked Jeep Wrangler. Meanwhile, Justin leads his team of oddball mechanics.

2. Hauk .45

9 x
Kenny combines the iconic Colt .45 with a vintage 1947 Willy's Pickup. On the other side of the shop, Justin plans to offset Kenny's spending by flipping a junkyard truck for a quick profit.